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Fast Track Your Fashion Asia LTD Career

Founder Charles Wong and his partner of the same name started the company in the late 90s and have since grown it into a full service brand with a foothold in over 20 countries and territories, including Hong Kong, the Philippines and Malaysia. The company’s most successful store is in Hong Kong’s Westfield mall. Besides retail, the brand also makes a splash in the fashion and beauty space, particularly the hair and beauty department. It has also become an incubator for local talent, namely designers and stylists. To reward its lucky customers, the brand offers product sponsorships and internships among other goodies. In fact, it is the only brand in Singapore that offers such a program.

Charles & Keith has been known to outdo itself time and time again. For example, the company is currently the proud owner of the biggest store in Southeast Asia. Other notable wins include the award for the country’s hottest fashion hotspot. While the ol’ fashioned rat-tat-tat of the runways may have cooled off, the company’s executive leadership is always on the lookout for new opportunities. This is the reason they landed the top spot on our annual list of the best companies to work for.


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